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North Korea Test-Fired A Ballistic Missile From A Location North Of The Capital Pyongyang Was Unsuccessful

North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile from a location north of the capital Pyongyang but it exploded shortly after it was fired, the US and South Korean militaries say.     "North Korea fired an unidentified missile from a site in the vicinity of Bukchang in Pyeongannam-do (South Pyeongan province) early this morning,"

Tensions rising as India ‘hits targets in Pakistan’

India says it has conducted “surgical strikes” across the de facto borderline dividing the disputed region of Kashmir against militants preparing to infiltrate, with Islamabad denying any such attack and saying instead that cross-border fire from India had killed two of its soldiers. India said on Thursday that it had been

Russia says US inviting terrorists to attack its cities

Russia has denounced a US projection of possible attacks on Russian cities by terrorists fighting in Syria, saying the statement amounts to invitations to terrorism.  Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov was outraged on Thursday after US State Department spokesman John Kirby said terrorists in Syria could launch attacks "against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities." "We cannot interpret